Corina Kowalski - Bubbles and Blowouts



Corina is an accomplished business professional, from Sarasota, Florida. She made a name for herself in the medical sales industry by building and maintaining the largest account sales book of business in her industry. Always loving everything about fashion, style and beauty, when she decided it was time to start a new career, she wanted to fulfill her passion for fashion, beauty and making people feel great about themselves. This dream gave birth to building Bubbles & Blowouts, the most elegant and unique blow out salon in the Tampa Bay area. B&B provides a retreat where woman can feel empowered and even bring their children for a fun escape. As a mom, she understands you have limited time to devote to yourself, but still need to feel good about yourself and look beautiful. The B&B team and the salon maintain unsurpassed standards for fashion forward hair styling in a comfortable, family friendly environment. Corina prides herself on her standard of excellence and success in everything she does, from high fashion to being a wife and mother. She has lovingly incorporated a dedicated area for clients to bring their children to at B&B, because as a mom, she completely understands how easily you will put yourself last to make sacrifices for the good of your family. Corina’s love of trying new things and adventurous nature, combined with an unfaltering belief in accomplishment and taking perfection to the next level, is what drives her success and keeps her ahead of the game.

Jennifer - Bubbles - BW HEADSHOT 900px


Stylist & General Manager

Jennifer is the salon manager and a premier stylist. Knowing at an early age she had a passion for hair, Jennifer began her haircare journey studying at “Paul Mitchell The School”, mastering her techniques and graduating in 2012. As a goal driven person, Jennifer has quickly built her professional reputation, and has became a sought-out stylist in her hometown, Tampa, Florida. Her accolades and impressive success has been featured in South Tampa Magazine and Tampa Bay Metro. Jennifer’s secret weapon – She wants to leave the world a better place than she came to, and she’s always eager to help others feel good about themselves by finding their style. These appealing quality’s are seen in her wide range of clientele ... from 30’s to 60’s, young mothers to seasoned business professionals. Jennifer’s positivity and team player attitude, make her a kind and effective manager. Being a mom, she is a multi-tasker that doesn’t take herself too seriously. Jennifer is thrilled to be a part of a business that welcomes mothers to bring their children to a place intentionally designed to make “everyone feel happy and welcomed”. On her downtime, Jennifer loves to cook, visit the mountains, and enjoys reading or a healthy Netflix binge.




Danielle has joined the Bubbles & Blowouts team to help make sure your experience is flawless. Danielle has a passion for fashion and the beauty industry. Being a goal oriented person, she hopes to own her own salon one day.  She is a 23 year old native of Tampa, Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. Danielle’s attention to detail will ensure that you are taken care of from the moment you call to book your appointment until you walk out the door looking and feeling fabulous. Her warm smile and bubbly charm are so contagious, that you’ll always want to come back to Bubbles & Blowouts. Danielle appreciates beauty and enjoys helping others find their way to a beautiful new look. She adds professionalism and warmth as you walk through our doors. Outside of the Salon, Danielle enjoys spending quality time with her friends, working out, and finding new foods to try.

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Make-up Artist

Livia has joined the Bubbles & Blowouts team to help make sure your experience is exceptional. She has a passion for beauty, and has been a licensed Esthetician for more than ten years, helping people look and feel beautiful in major cities against stiff competition like Boston, Chicago, Denver, and now Tampa. She is motivated by her passion to make people feel better about themselves, and is very attention to detail person.  Livia is a native of Boston, with a strong sense of compassion, ensuring you are taken care of from the moment you book your appointment until you walk out the door looking amazing. She applies beauty to everything she does, and enjoys helping others find their way to a beautiful new look. Her zest for life is evident in her warmth as you walk through our doors, she’s about having fun and making sure those around her do too. Livia loves to listen and dance to great music. Pre-quarantine going to concerts and taking dance lessons were her favorite past-times. Now she just dances around her apartment.  She is very close to her friends and family and spends time with them as much as she can via facetime.

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Stylist & Make-up Artist

Lauren is an accomplished stylist and make-up artist from Lady Lake, Florida.  She graduated from the prestigious Paul Mitchell the School in 2008 and furthered her training in 2011 at The Salon Professional Academy. Lauren is highly motivated and continues to engage in classes furthering her education. Born into a family of musicians and artists, Lauren realized she had found her real passion when she was gifted her first “free with purchase” Lancôme makeup set at the age of eleven. Lauren’s journey into the beauty industry started shortly after graduating high school. Since then, she enjoys kayaking or discovering a new coffee spot, but is happiest when surrounded by passionate artists that share the same love to create. She applies beauty to everything she does, and enjoys helping others find their way to a beautiful new look. Lauren’s zest for life is evident in her warmth as you walk through our doors, she’s about having fun and making sure those around her do too. When she’s not creating something beautiful, Lauren usually will be found spoiling her Pug and French Bulldog boys.


Stephen Dean

Stylist & Extension Specialist

Stephen is an IBE certified stylist and is currently working towards his master status with IBE. Stephen is an Extensions Specialist, a Kevin Murphy Educator, and he holds an Invisible Bead Extension Certification. He is a loyal, fun-loving husband and father who loves life and who cherishes his husband and two year old son who are the focus and light of his life. Stephen truly loves people – he has a charismatic outgoing personality and enjoys getting to know his clients while making them look and feel special. Stephen loves getting his clients ready for important events in their lives and achieving the change they need to feel beautiful and confident. He continually takes classes to further his education, and has great product knowledge. Stephen lives on a farm with all kinds of animals, so when he’s not at work he loves watching his son learn and grow up in such an amazing place. Stephen enjoys horseback riding, scuba diving, and just about any outdoor adventure particularly while spending time with his family and friends.

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Amanda has an amazing ‘bigger than life’ personality ... it’s safe to say you might hear her before you see her. Originally from DC, she specializes in French style brush sets, braiding, thermal styling and keratin treatments. Amanda graduated in 2011 from the Paul Mitchell School in McLean, Virginia. Since then she’s made a name for herself in high-end and small local salons, by building lasting relationships with her clients who love her fun persona and great sense of style. Whether doing your hair for a big night out or just making an appointment for a listening ear, a glass of bubbly, and awesome hair – Amanda’s invested in making her clients feel good one brush at a time. Helping other women see their beauty is her motivation.  Amanda also attended The Art Institute of Washington where she majored in photography, so expect her to be on the ground getting the perfect angle after your ‘Instagram worthy’ blowout. Amanda is a cat mom who loves her fur babies. She also has an addiction to lipstick, coffee and glitter (not necessarily in that order), and is known to sing for you if there’s a song that inspires her.

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Chanel has a calm, grounded demeanor, and is a great listener. “It’s about achieving your goals and finding your personal style. I love that I make a difference in the way a person feels about themselves!” Chanel defines beauty as being the best version of yourself. Her mom graduated from high school with her cosmetology license. Chanel began shampooing at her mom’s salon at the age of 15, needless to say she gives a great scalp massage. Ever since then, she has had a passion for helping others find their beauty, and she graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2016. Her super power is finding your best, and lasting style. She loves doing braids for special occasions, or just throwing in some beach waves for no reason other than to make your day special. Chanel is from Baltimore, Maryland, but would rather be no place else but in her new home in Florida. Her down to earth, warm personality makes her easy to talk to, and successful in making sure you’re comfortable and that every detail of what your beauty goals are, are achieved on her watch. She has grown in her craft by paying close attention to detail, continued education and hard work.  Chanel prides herself in her thorough consultations that allow her to give you a personalized experience and by keeping up with trending techniques and styles. Chanel loves music, strolling down the waterfront, and hanging out with Paco her handsome Chihuahua. Outside of the Salon, she also stays busy thrifting for treasures.

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Dali is a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetology and is Matrix So Color certified, Keratin Complex Certified, Barbcide Certified, and Glo Minerals Certified. Dali is also affiliated with Amika styling products and enjoys staying fit at Crunch Fitness. She is an active volunteer for Reach St. Pete, a local organization that helps fight homelessness. Dali is an outgoing person who loves life and has set-up braid-bars at Sunset Music Festival and Gasparilla Music Festival. She loves applying make-up and seeing the happy expressions after people see their beautiful transformation. Dali is a very detail-oriented person with an extensive knowledge of beauty products –she’s constantly learning about the latest beauty industry trends and secrets. Her specialties include a variety of styles, from long thick locks, to short bobs. She is skilled in taking care of clients with extensions as well as clients with curls and volume. Dali cannot wait to listen.